Information Governance

In the NHS, information is a vital yet potentially vulnerable asset, both in terms of the clinical management of individual patients and the efficient commissioning and management of services and resources. It plays a key part in clinical governance, service planning and performance management.

It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that information is efficiently managed and that appropriate policies, processes and procedures, with associated management accountability and structures, provide a robust information governance framework for information management.

You will find NCL ICB’s key information governance policies on the Policies page of the Polices, Guidance and Forms section.

NCL’s IG team offers a number of services to the rest of NCL to help build a robust information governance culture and ensure data protection by design and default. These include training sessions for individual teams on various subjects such as records management or FOI response.

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) must be carried out if there is a change in process that effects data, the introduction of new system that handles data or any other large scale processing. The DPIA template can be found in the forms section. Please fill it out as best you can and then send to the IG team at

If you have any questions about information governance please contact the Information Governance team, via email:

If you have received or would like to make a subject access request, please contact the team on the dedicated email:

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