Corporate Induction Programme


We welcome all new employees to our organisation and hope to make staff feel welcome, valued, and settled in their role. Our approach to induction will be through the induction checklist in our local Induction toolkit, and also a series of MS Teams sessions.

Induction toolkit

The local Induction toolkit has been designed to help new staff become familiar with their role, working arrangements, team, Directorate and the ICB. The toolkit will also ensure you have sufficient information and knowledge to enable you to do your job effectively and make you aware of the policies and procedures that are in place.

In order to ensure an effective induction, both new staff and their line manager are required to complete/discuss each induction theme. Both new staff and their line manager must sign and date the end of the induction toolkit to confirm that all areas of the induction have been adequately covered. If any areas of the induction are not applicable to a role, please state N/A.

The induction process will assist in the identification and planning of any immediate training and development needs that staff may have. Line managers must keep the completed and signed induction checklist on their local staff file.

MS Teams sessions

The purpose of the MS Teams Sessions is to help new staff familiarise themselves with the different functions and Directorates that make up the ICB. It is an opportunity to meet and network with key service leads and other new starters.

The sessions will run on a rolling monthly cycle, which will give staff the flexibility to attend based on their schedule. A full calendar of upcoming induction sessions can be found in the Downloads section below.

Booking instructions

In order to book onto each session, please click on the name of the session from the monthly corporate induction calendars below. This will take you to an external site called “Need To Meet” where you can select the preferred date and time of the session you would like to attend.

When booking, please ensure that you enter your full name and e-mail address before clicking the ‘submit’ button.

Once your request has been submitted, a member of the HR team will send a calendar invite to you with an MS Teams link to use when joining the session.

If you have any queries, the HR OD team can be contacted at

**Please note that there will no Corporate Induction sessions running in December 2022. The Corporate Induction schedule will resume as normal from January 2023.