Covid-19 HR Information

You will find all relevant HR and support-related information on this page. Please note, some of this information is being frequently updated, so please keep checking back.

We conducted a survey on Staff COVID-19 experience in May 2020 and have produced a summary report in May 2020  ‘Supporting staff through Covid-19′

A range of health and wellbeing services are being offered free of cost to NHS staff by many organisations. You may need your NHS ID/email to access these services. Click on the below links for the latest list of services.

NHS Employers

NHS Employers regularly update the information on their website which includes various services that are available free of charge for NHS staff.

Support available for NHS staff

Live Well

Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your health and wellbeing.

Click here to visit Live well


Samaritans have launched new, confidential support lines for health and social care workers and volunteers based in England and Wales 0800 069 6222.

Cultural Bereavement Guidance launched by NHE/I

NHSE/I has launched the cultural bereavement guidance supporting line managers to manage cultural bereavements sensitively and compassionately.  Leaders often manage diverse teams with limited knowledge of some of the cultural norms and rituals.

This guidance is particularly important for leaders that are considering granting leave to staff who have lost loved ones, and enables line managers to have an informed conversation about the support they may need noting their responsibilities and cultural traditions.

Recording COVID-19 related absence and working arrangements on the Workforce System

With our return to office working, it is important that we have access to up-to-date and accurate information regarding our staff. This will enable us to take all reasonable steps to fulfil our duty of care as an employer, and to plan appropriately to maintain a high level of service delivery.

We are therefore asking staff to record and report any COVID-19 related absence and working arrangements on the Workforce System. This will provide us with a detailed understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce and office working arrangements. We will monitor the impact of rising COVID-19 rates throughout this period and the data will inform our reporting and any action required.

This reporting process on Workforce should be used to record absence and working from home arrangements related to COVID-19, and to update us on your current working status following discussion and agreement with your line manager. As a reminder:

  • If you are not feeling well enough to work, do take the time off that you need to recuperate. If you are feeling unwell but well enough to work, you are encouraged to work from home to avoid passing an infection onto colleagues.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you are encouraged to do a lateral flow test before coming into the office. If you have a positive test result, NHS guidance is to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days after the day you took your test.
  • It is important to let your line manager know if you test positive for COVID-19, especially if you have recently attended an office. You or your line manager should notify Business Services (, who can then contact any staff you worked in close proximity with, so that they can take any necessary action.


How to record COVID-19 related absence and working arrangements
Please follow the steps below to record your absence and working arrangements on the Workforce System:

  1. When you access the Workforce System there will a prominent ‘Coronavirus Reporting’ banner on the homepage. Select the link titled ‘Coronavirus Reporting’.
  2. You should select who you are reporting the absence/working from home information for i.e. yourself, someone you manage or someone else.
  3. Select one of the following absence/working status options:
    • COVID-19 symptoms –  unable to work
    • COVID-19 symptoms – well enough to work from home
    • COVID-19 symptoms – well enough to work but cannot work from home (Line manager will need to have a discussion with their HR Business Partner on how best to manage the period that the member of staff needs to self-isolate).
  1. Enter the start and end dates you are reporting for.
  2. Select the banner titled ‘Click here to update your coronavirus working status’.
  3. This will send a notification to your line manager and HR for reporting purposes.

All other periods of absence, such as unrelated sickness, carers leave and maternity/adoption leave should be recorded in the usual way on the Workforce System via the ‘Report Absence’ functionality that can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side.

Staff health and wellbeing

To look after the health and wellbeing of staff, the ICB and other NHS organisations have put in place many programmes for staff. There are also offers and discounts from private companies. Please check our HR Factsheet on NHS Offers and Discounts for the latest offers and discounts.

Unsocial hours working and pay arrangements

We have revised the process for staff to claim unsocial hours for COVID-19 related work. All staff and managers should now submit and approve all claims for unsocial hours from 01 May 2020 via the Workforce System.

Further information and guidance on unsocial hours working and payment arrangements, and guidance on submitting and approving claims via the Workforce System is available via the following factsheets