Job Evaluation and Job Description Guidance


The NCL ICB follows the NHS job evaluation scheme to determine the pay band for all posts on Agenda for Change (AfC) Terms and Conditions.

The process of determining the correct pay band is carried out at a job evaluation panel. The panel consists of management representatives (mainly HR) and staff side colleagues, who are trained in job matching/evaluation.

Job evaluation is required in the following scenarios:

  • for new posts in the ICB that do not have an existing job description (JD)
  • for JDs of new and existing posts in the ICB which have been amended in a way that might affect their grading.

There is no need to seek re-evaluation if no changes have been made to an existing JD.

Please refer to the job evaluation flow chart to determine whether the post requires evaluation.

Where job evaluation is required, the JD should be submitted to your HR Business Partner. It will then be submitted to the job evaluation panel for review.

Job evaluation panels are conducted on regular basis. JDs will be considered by the panel in the date order that they are received (in the correct template).

JD guidance and templates

The NCL ICB’s HR team in collaboration with staff side colleagues and the Engaging our People Forum have developed the following documents: