Ask EMT drop in session – Thursday 7 April

The Executive Management Team (EMT) are looking forward to welcoming staff at the Ask EMT drop-in session today at 3.30pm.

All staff are invited to use this time slot (45 minutes) to ‘drop in’ to speak with EMT and ask any questions they have. Questions can be about anything, but it is important for colleagues to be mindful that we continue to operate in a changing environment and that we may not have the answers just yet.

Any questions that cannot be answered during the session will be captured and answers will be shared when possible.

There will be no formal announcements during this session, so if you don’t have any questions to ask, there is no need to attend. However, you are very welcome to attend and listen to the questions that other colleagues ask, even if you don’t have any questions yourself.

If you would like to attend, please use this MS Teams link, between 3.30 – 4.15pm.