Creating a Survey

You may need to seek the views of ICB colleagues, stakeholders or residents. We have a central mechanism for creating and distributing questionnaires. This allows us to manage them together and store the information in case it is needed in future.

Our survey tool is called Citizen Space. It meets the necessary security and privacy standards for data acquisition and retention.


When designing a questionnaire for your consultation, please make sure that you use plain English and that you avoid using unnecessary jargon wherever possible.

To avoid bias and maintain impartiality, it is essential to keep questions neutral. Make sure you’re not asking any questions that lead people to one answer over another.

For technical guidance on setting up a questionnaire and how to analyse responses, please download the information sheets on this page.

Contact details

Every consultation will need to be approved by the NCL Communications and Engagement team before it becomes live on Citizen Space.

If you want to engage with stakeholders using Citizen Space, please make sure that you contact the Communications and Engagement team at the very start of the process.

They will advise on any potential duplication or clashes with other consultations, as well as offer general support with regards to survey naming, content and set up.

The Communications Team email: